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We are an activist IT collective who’s goal is to support all free-thinking individuals, organisations and groups striving for social change. We support anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, environmental activities and generally the struggle against any type of oppression.

We believe that the anti-authoritarian movement will be successful in its endeavours only if it has safe, independent, noncommercial communication channels and computer systems at its disposal.

That’s why we founded - a platform which serves to build such structures. Our work isn’t motivated by profit but a desire to contribute our know-how to creating a better world here and now.

We are not technical support and we do not support any commercial activities.


We would like to thank for the resources we can use on their infrastructure free of charge that help us with our goals. Furthermore, the Pí collective, the IuRe organization, and all our supporters who make our project possible.